A site survey will then be conducted to map the existing garden, enabling a new design to be created. This process determines the boundaries of the garden and calculates any fixed or relevant height changes, as well as highlighting any existing features that you may wish to keep or incorporate into the new design.​

Why employ a garden designer?​ Why take valuable money out of the budget for a designer to create your garden first? 

The main reason for employing a garden designer is to benefit from the knowledge of someone who knows what works within a garden and to help you get the most out of your outdoor space.


The design process begins with an initial meeting where a design brief is established, a clear direction to pursue and a list of requirements for your project and this is where the creativity begins.

An example of a before view, 3D visual design and the finished project.

Garden design after

Once the initial design has been drawn up, subsequent design meetings are scheduled to highlight any changes or amendments required. At this stage garden furniture, outdoor heating, lighting, sculptures, pots etc can be discussed and incorporated in the design. Once the finer details have been discussed a final plan is created. Alongside this, 3D rendered drawings are produced to portray a visual image of the finished design in reality, along with a lighting plan should this be required. Also present is a materials board to show you each of the main materials chosen, along with physical samples, so you can really get a feel for what you are getting. A planting plan will also be discussed and produced at a later stage once the actual design process has been completed. ​ ​

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your garden is our passion​​

See your garden grow, develop and establish through the seasons with our bespoke planting plans.

Garden design 3D

Garden designer in Surrey.

Site survey

Having ideas is one thing; some paving here, a pathway over there, a water feature, planting etc, but there are so many factors that contribute to a garden working practically and having the ability to grab your attention, so you admire it every time you enter. Ideas, sketches and a site plan are one thing, but it is essential to see the prospective garden in 'reality' before the construction commences. Our 3D drawings show you the finished project from every angle so you can visualise the garden and appreciate the finished project. Amendments can be made if required, to get you the perfect garden to live with as well as look at, after all it's easier and a lot cheaper to change something on paper than after it's been built. It's one of those things you want to do once and do right and that's exactly the service we pride ourselves on. Employing a garden designer is the difference between having a garden that works and a garden that wows, it's as simple as that!

​​​​​ Hibiscus Design Limited hold all relevant insurances and all garden designs have a 'Specification of Garden Works' produced, which lists certain standards of practice and all of the chosen materials for the project. By accepting a tender invitation the landscaping company agrees to abide by the clauses set out in the Specification, to guarantee all work completed is relevant and complies with British Standards. This ensures everyone is on the same page before the project begins and you, the client, know exactly what you are getting and at what cost.

Garden design before

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